Thursday, 23 January 2020
10:0030 minuntil 10:30
  • Conference Hall, Faculty of Economics

    Official opening of III GLOBAL DIALOGUE International Interpreters Forum

    Opening remarks by officials and honored guests

10:3060 minuntil 11:30
  • Plenary Session "Interpreter of the Future: UPGRADE"

    Globalization and digitalization lead to changes in the communications. Artificial intelligence is constantly developing.
    Human beings, in their turn, form communities and strengthen horizontal communication.
    Video remote interpreting, uberization and process mobility cause changes in the... Details

11:3030 minuntil 12:00
  • Coffee break

12:00120 minuntil 14:00
  • Hall 1

    Round Table “Looking at Simultaneous Interpreting From Different Angles: Battle of Interpreters and Customers”

    High-quality interpreting is a key to success of every international event. Everyone knows it, but the results do not always meet the expectations. How to get the desired result and meet the interests of all the process participants. We will discuss it frankly, study success and failure cases,... Details

  • Hall 4

    Language session "Old and New World: Pecularities of Working with Spanish and Portuguese Languages"

    Peculiarities of working with Spanish and Portuguese languages in different parts of the Old and New World
    Peculiarities of diplomatic interpreting, interpreting for officials, cross-cultural features of the work.

  • Academic Board Hall

    International Expert Discussion "World-Class Interpreter. How to Train Highly-Demanded Interpreters"

    Leading translation teachers, representatives of international companies, and experienced interpreters will discuss translation training requirements, exchange professional views, and derive a success formula for training of young professionals.

14:0060 minuntil 15:00
  • Lunch

15:00120 minuntil 17:00
  • Conference Hall, Faculty of Economics

    Open Discussion "Social Media Messengers as a Working Tool"

    Nowadays, almost everyone uses short message service (SMS), social media, chat lists or instant messengers. Chat lists are similar to Euler circles and allow professionals to structure communication with an unlimited number of colleagues and clients. This is a valid tool for an interpreter for... Details

  • Hall 2

    Technical session

    Part 1: Technical Standard Of Interpreting. Presentation And Review Of Modern Equipment For Simultaneous Interpreting
    Part 2: Technological Novelties For Interpreters
    Part 3: Remote Interpreting - Pros And Cons: Experience Of an Organizer and an Interpreter
    Part 4: Mobile Equipment

  • Hall 3

    Round Table "Universities and Employers: Internships, Practical Trainings, Job Placement"

    Studying at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting opens up a variety of career opportunities not only on the translation market, but also in the event industry, MICE, etc. Representatives of universities and employers will gather at the round table to discuss the possibilities of... Details

17:0030 minuntil 17:30
  • Coffee break

17:3090 minuntil 19:00
  • New Ethics: Gender, Sexual Identity, Disabilities. Interpreting Challenges

    The notion of gender varies significantly in different countries. What should an interpreter be prepared for? How to avoid awkward situations? The session mainly focuses on practical aspects related to language peculiarities and interpreting itself.
    - Gender terminology
    - Special terms,... Details

Friday, 24 January 2020
10:0090 minuntil 11:30
  • Hall 1

    World Café "A Word Of Advice From The Greatest: Famous Experts Speak On Education, Self-Development, Work, Career And Language + Signing Session"

    Informal and friendly atmosphere for exchange of experience. Generating ideas and enriching ourselves with other opinions over a cup of coffee.

    *Limited number of participants. Preliminary registration is required

11:3030 minuntil 12:00
  • Break

12:0060 minuntil 13:00
  • Academic Board Hall

    Practical Session "Interpreting Without Room For Error"

  • Hall 4

    Information Session in TED format

    Scholars, interpreters, experts and customers will briefly talk about latest research, ethics and conflict situations, marketing, and self-promotion in an informal setting. A series of short speeches: 15 minutes at most.

13:0030 minuntil 13:30
  • Coffee break

13:3090 minuntil 15:00
  • Hall 1

    "Career of an Interpreter"

    Being on the first step of the career ladder, every interpreter faces a dilemma: which path is the most profitable from financial and emotional points of view. Department of Linguistic Support (DLS) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, an international organization, a... Details

  • Hall 2

    "Competitions, Rating Scales and Olympiads. What's the purpose?"

15:0060 minuntil 16:00
  • Lunch

16:0090 minuntil 17:30
  • Closing Plenary "Emotions: Issues Interpreters are Silent About"

    The ability of a person to recognize emotions, understand the intentions, motivations and desires of others as well as of their own; the ability to control their own emotions as well as the emotions of others is considered to be one of the key skills required to build strong relationships, be... Details

17:30180 minuntil 20:30
  • RUDN University

    Networking Session