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Sunday, 18 April 2021
10:0090 minuntil 11:30
  • Interpreter’s marketing. How to promote your services without spending ages on Instagram

    Lina Belonogova, Conference Interpreter, author and teacher of the oil and gas translation course at LinguaOil

    Social media, promotion on the Internet and more. Lifehacks for an interpreter on where to find jobs and how to become prominent in an online sphere.

11:3090 minuntil 13:00
  • Understanding or learning by heart without going deep

    Liudmila Oberfeld, Freelance Conference Interpreter

    I love it when experiences, both positive or negative, turn into working tools. We will discuss one of these tools. We will take a look at three examples from my practice and figure out how to make sure that discussions on these very... Details

13:0060 minuntil 14:00
  • Interpreter and interpreting in a ballet theater

    Lia Ebralidze, Freelance Conference Interpreter, Theater Interpreter

    Life in a ballet theater has its own laws. It has its own daily routine, its own function distribution, and its own unusual perception of space. A ballet interpreter must be an expert not only in the theater, but also in the... Details

14:0090 minuntil 15:30
  • Energy, Oil and Gas

    Marina Fokina, Conference Interpreter, Director, Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation Course, Lingua Conference Service

    I will present a summary of my workshop in this industry. I will cover basic concepts and examples, tell how to work with terminology, share some useful lifehacks for... Details

15:3060 minuntil 16:30
  • Business Finance: Sink or Swim

    Elena Pisarchik, Teacher of the interpreting course at LINGUA CONFERENCE SERVICE LLC and OTS INTENSIVE, author of special courses: "Business finance" and "Financing of foreign economic activity" for interpreters

    I will present a summary of my courses and a fragment of a class with the purpose... Details

16:3060 minuntil 17:30
  • Voice, the main power of an interpreter

    Bulat Danilov, conference interpreter, voice-over actor

17:3060 minuntil 18:30
  • An Interpreter’s Investment Portfolio

    Andrey Lazko, Interpreter, Senior Lecturer, MGIMO-University

    The workshop will cover the basic principles of creating an investment portfolio, the key concepts and vocabulary that an interpreter must acquire to work with this topic successfully.