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Monday, 27 June 2022
10:3030 minuntil 11:00
  • Hall 1

    Russia as the center of the new world

    • Geopolitics and new business contacts.
    • Economic, political, and cultural pivot to the East.
    • Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region in the new world view.
    • Economic, financial and business architecture of the new world and Russia's place in it.

11:00120 minuntil 13:00
  • Hall 1

    Plenary session “Education and diplomacy in a changing reality”

    • Negotiators, diplomats, communicators, interpreters - who is needed now and why.
    • The role of Russian language in Eurasia.
    • Russian and Chinese on the Silk Road (CIS, EurAsEC, BRICS).
    • English for communication with Asia and Africa – key features, cultural dimension of the... Details

13:0090 minuntil 14:30
  • Lunch break

14:30120 minuntil 16:30
  • Hall 1

    New business education challenges and corporate learning program - 2025

    Round table
    • New reality and requests for content.
    • New forms of engagement, learning, andragogy of our times.
    • Game techniques for teaching foreign languages, new regions for business and cross-cultural communication (mini-train).

  • Hall 2

    Higher education in the context of the new economy and politics

    Round table
    • Innovations in the training of specialists to meet the demand of the market: new realities dictate who is needed and why.
    • Measures to facilitate the establishment of new programs and revision of old university programs.
    • Universities and the real economy sector: I’d... Details

  • Hall 3

    The new geography of European languages: Africa, Latin America, and Asia - borders and horizons

    • Traditional ties and forthcoming of new friendly countries.
    • Peculiarities of working with English outside usual markets (India, Asia, Africa, Oceania).
    • French-speaking Africa - a continent of great promise.
    • Spanish and Portuguese in Latin America, long-time friends and new... Details

16:3015 minuntil 16:45
  • Break

16:4590 minuntil 18:15
  • Hall 1

    Foresight Session "Corporate training center - 2030"

    Session for corporate learning

  • Hall 2

    Foresight session "Interpreter of the New Age, Model 2030"

    Session for higher education

  • Hall 3

    Route map of an international business and intercultural communication specialist

    Round table
    • New requirements for knowledge of linguistic and cultural realities.
    • Cultural codes: clothes, manners, forbidden topics and communication norms.
    • Retraining and finding new clients.
    • Optional education and retraining 2022.