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We are delighted to invite you to participate in the Second International Forum of Conference Interpreters in Russia.

The venue of Global Dialogue-2019 Forum scheduled for January 21-26, 2019 in Moscow is Moscow State Linguistic University (Building 38, Ostozhenka St., Moscow).

As a forum, Global Dialogue is conceived as a unique annual platform for professional discussions among key players of the interpreting industry and the role of conference interpreter in the 21st century.

The Forum will bring together Russia’s most prominent interpreters, foreign experts, representatives of government, large corporations, professional associations, Russian and foreign linguistic universities, language service providers and event-organizers.

Global Dialogue will facilitate exchange of experience between renowned experts and young professionals and promote best practices in work and training of conference interpreters. Practical skills and competences required in particular industries and methodologies for teaching new specialists will be in the limelight.

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